News on the incoming EEA 2012|16.11.12

Firstly we communicate you some changes in the agenda of the 22nd of November related to the long awaited vote on the review of the European Shark Finning Regulation in the European Parliament... (continue)

The Group of the Italian Researchers on Sharks, rays and chimeras (GRIS) of the Italian Society for Marine Biology (SIBM) is this years host for the European Elasmobranch Association's (EEA) 16th Annual Scientific Conference in Milan, Italy, running from the 22th-25h November 2012.

This promises to be an exciting conference - both scientifically and socially - providing an opportunity to showcase elasmobranch research currently being undertaken in Italy, Europe and further afield. The EEA welcomes contributions dealing with all aspects of chondrichthyan biology including life-history, population biology, genetic studies and taxonomy.

Emphasis will be give also to the role of the elasmobranchs in the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive(MSFD). The MSFD is a fundamental step towards the sustainable management and conservation of the marine resources and habitats and it will characterise the all the European marine research in the future. A relevant good opportunity also for the research, management and conservation of sharks and their relatives. A workshop on this topic will be organised as satellite event of the EEA scientific conference in 21st November. More details will provide on the GRIS website

The Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee of the EEA 2012 is constituted by GRIS-SIBM, the City of Milan, the University of Milan, the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), Legambiente and with the collaboration of the cooperative educational society "Verdeacqua".

The Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee of the EEA 2012 includes the following scientists:
Nicoletta Ancona (Civic Aquarium of Milan), Monica Barone (ARPAT-GRIS), Massimiliano Bottaro (ISPRA-GRIS), Simonetta Corsolini (University of Siena-GRIS), Fiorenza De Bernardi (University of Milan), Fulvio Garibaldi (University of Genoa-GRIS), Carlotta Mazzoldi (University of Padua-GRIS), Primo Micarelli (Aquarium "Mondo Marino"-GRIS), Angelo Mojetta (Civic Aquarium of Milan-GRIS), Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara (Tethys Research Institute-GRIS), Peter N. Psomadakis (GRIS), Umberto Scacco (ISPRA-GRIS), Emilio Sperone (University of Calabria-GRIS), Fabrizio Serena (ARPAT-GRIS), Fausto Tinti (University of Bologna-GRIS), Leonardo Tunesi (ISPRA).

Milan is a city of design and new technologies, of art and fashion. It seems that all these aspects have arranged to meet up in Milan to release an innate creativity and a desire to evolve. Therefore Milan is not just about business, Milan means, first and foremost, creativity, inventiveness and science. For centuries, Milan has been, in fact, a crossroads of knowledge and has a long tradition as a university centre of research and training, an important role performed at a European and international level. The site of prestigious academic faculties of all disciplines, Milan hosts thousands of students from all over Italy and from numerous foreign countries. The Milanese institutes train professionals in various disciplines and numerous specialist schools also offer a post-university qualification.

The Civic Aquarium
The welcome reception and the social dinner for the EEA Conference will be held in The Civic Aquarium of Milan. Built in 1906 according to the liberty-style, it was completely restored few years ago and it represents an excellent location in the beautiful and central quarter of Brera.

The University of Milan
The University of Milan was funded in 1923 and it is a public, multidisciplinary teaching and research institution. It is one of the best Italian Universities and it offers 9 Faculties, 134 study courses, 21 Doctoral Schools and 92 Specialisation Schools. The scientific conference of the EEA 2012 will be held in the Department of Biology, located in the downtown of Milan, in the "Città Studi" quarter.

Deadline extension

Students are invited to apply for the Student Travel Award to assist in travel costs associated with attending the conference in Milan. Applications must be received by 15st October 2012. After this deadline, the EEA Committee will review the abstracts of Student Travel Award applicants and will nominate students to be awarded €150 towards travel costs. One non-student bursary may be awarded at the discretion of the board. To apply for a student bursary please contact Mrs Glenys Heafield at the Shark Trust

Accommodation and travel information
Milan is linked with all the world and it offers many different kind of accomodations. Travel information and accomodation suggestions are provided. For any question, please write to

Key Dates:
  • Registration and abstract submissions closes 30th September
  • Late Registration (but not late abstract submissions) accepted (€40 late fee)
  • Student Bursary applications close 15th October

GRIS is a research group of the Italian Society for Marine Biology (SIBM). It is promoting research, conservation and education on sharks, skates, rays and chimeras. Membership is open to scientist with research activities and interest in these marine animals. GRIS is a member of the European Elasmobranch Association.